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At Xtreme Edges we teach comprehensive classes in skating, power skating, stick and puck skills, and much more. We offer skating and hockey classes, skating clinics, and hockey team training across the UK.

Owned and operated by Sam Motton, Xtreme Edges has developed a solid reputation for exceptional coaching that makes a positive difference. Our philosophy is based on high-performance principles and practices, as well as the long-term development methodology used by elite athletes and other professionals at the top of their game.

We’re slow, precise, and totally effective, helping each student build a solid foundation that they can develop over the course of their hockey or skating careers.

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With Xtreme Edges, excellence in skating is a passion and a practice. By developing correct technique, we open doors for players of all ages and skill levels to achieve their full potential. We believe in the long term development model, first correcting and building a solid foundation of core skills.

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